How To Start a Small Business 101 | TikTok Compilation 2020

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29 thoughts on “How To Start a Small Business 101 | TikTok Compilation 2020”

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    Are etzy and depop the only places I can start a buisness without papers and stuff? I'm 12 and starting a beaded jewellery, earrings, and resin charms as well with polymer clay stuff but I'm not so sure

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    im on my cousins acc so my name isnt yeimy, thats besides the point anywho im turning 13 the 21st of this month and ive always wanted to have a little clothe or lip gloss buisness. i just dont understand the shipping and pretty much i dont understand anything this really helped tho especially the last vid

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    I want to create a business and I'm 13 I really want to start as soon as possible to help my family with anything I can I'm trying to bring my grades up fast I'm studying with money and taxes I really hope I can do it! 🙂

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    I have started my own tie dye company. I was doing a poll and I am wondering if anyone would want to order any tie dye. I make shirts, nike socks, face masks,bandanas, and baby clothes.

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    hi everyone hope your day and/or night is going well
    im on facebook if you live in the san antonio, texas area or Atascosa county!
    so anyone wanting masks or scrunchies check it out it is- abcdes little shop on facebook check it out (pick up orders for now) i will expand to sell more stuff ❤️
    please spread the word if you do know of anyone interested a like, small comment, share will help!!💗❤️!

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    I want to start a small business and I'm only 13 I want to try make some money young can u just set up account and sell stuff would u need all taxes and bills and paperwork and all that

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    dancing with jasmin

    business starter tips:
    – instagram or etsy are good places to sell it
    – make sure people aren’t allergic to the ingredients and ask them about their allergies before they order
    – don’t just sell lip gloss in one type give different types to make it more fun!!
    – use creative bottles!
    bottle ideas:

    starter kit:

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    Alisson_ Wonderland

    Hey y’all you do not need to wait a year if you have the right materials. All you need to do is look up and research the elements to have in your websites and how does the taxes work…. It’s easier to start with Etsy and then make your own website. I’m starting my small business with a plan of donating 25-50% of the money I make to help organizations. But y’all can do this! If you have a small business and need support leave it in the comments ☺️

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    Thank you so much imma start to do a bussniess on insta gram because i wanna do cosplay but the stuff is too expensive so imma start so i can pay for my cosplay stuff ✨

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