hey hey heyyyy! so excited for this video because it’s all things small business! I love owning a small business and wanted to give y’all some tips and tricks that I learned from starting mine! if you have any questions, comment them below! 🙂

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    i actually just started a candle business on etsy so this video will be really helpful. I need to sell at least one candle by christmas otherwise i have to close my store. I have a bunch of holiday scents and you can change the color to any color you want. My etsy store is LaLaCrystals. and i have a tiktok @yummycandlecreations. please check it out!

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    Christal Pinchback

    Allie girl, I am loving this color hair on you, sooooo fitting! Also love the earring and background….lastly, the information you shared is so helpful as well!

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    A while ago I bought one of your Keep the Faith t shirts. I have enjoyed it very much. I would love to help you again with a phone case but I have an android. If you ever do covers for android phones I would love to get one. As always another Awesome vlog!!

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    Ebay is free to list, 100 listings per month I think they charge after that but I'm not sure
    Ebay charges a 10% fee and they do it at the end of the month for the previous month
    PayPal charges you 2.9% per transaction
    Love your channel, your so beautiful and I'd love to get to know you

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    You mentioned you’d share the spreadsheet in your comments, but I don’t see it. Can you please provide a link? It sounds super helpful! Thanks for all the great info.

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    Georgia Blake-Walls

    I love how cheerfully you are!! I looked up "how to start a small business" on here, and I found you!!! I love your page love you, SUBSCRIBED!!!!!❤❤💎💎

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    Small business. Team with a friend. Not what you expected. We have stops on some makes and models. Cuba. Yesterday is gone. You can't hit big as much. Real needed business. We forgot about the paint and hardware. Do it yourself. The Company needs people. The party. You can go as long as you can, or write someone a love poem. Maybe God can make you Elite. One taco. Company of friends. Dirt. Good dirt. Smith's Hardware. Its where it all started. Blood

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