How To Start A Business Making 10K Per Month | Kamrin White

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13 thoughts on “How To Start A Business Making 10K Per Month | Kamrin White”

  1. Omg Kamrin. I'm so glad your talking more about stuff like this. You're videos really brighten my day and your down to earth personality just makes me feel like I'm talking with a best friend. As long as you're able to, please dont stop making yt videos because it really helps more than you know, even if the numbers dont show

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    Thank you for posting this video is funny because two days ago I asked myself about starting my own business and actually bought a course on starting an LLC never used to but it's 20 till in the morning okay I want abundance I want to make 10000 to $20,000 in profit amount I want to make my first 100000 okay I want to I want to travel to do stuff I want time for you and have fun in the process of others out to whatever it is that has off the world so it's time to start thank

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