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Here’s how you can start a vending machine business for $600-$800

In my last two vending machine videos, we talked about where you can regularly purchase used vending machines for under $1,000 on a regular basis. This is the 3rd, highly requested video, covering HOW TO NEGOTIATE WITH BUSINESS OWNERS on placing a machine.

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44 thoughts on “Here’s how you can start a vending machine business for $600-$800”

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    Great video! For fun, you should put a "MYSTERY" button on one your machines and fill it with a random assortment of sodas so when someone clicks it it comes out a different soda each time. You could even fill it with sodas you don't typically sell.

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    Upvote for more attention, please. My advice: It will cost more than $800 to start this business effectively, but not more than $3000. I started a few months ago, and there are startup costs to consider.
    1.) The machine can cost you $1200 to $1600 for a good refurbished machine. I think it's important to have a good quality machine or machines so that a.) you don't need to worry about repairs so early in the game, and b.) so that your fledgling business doesn't face criticism from locations for the machine breaking all the time, or eating their dollars, or not staying cold.
    2.) You CAN start with no official business/LLC, but you look unprofessional. Without an official LLC or something, you'd essentially just be a guy walking in asking a favor of the location owner, which can be fine for either starting out or for small-scale local stuff, but it should be your end-goal to expand, and you can't effectively expand without an official business. Business registration fees and legal filings will cost you around $280-350, but it's worth it.
    3.) You should at a minimum have business cards, and you should consider having a company logo ironed-onto a nice shirt/hoodie if it's cold out, for the reasons stated in #2. Costs less than $50 for these things. People will be less wary of you and more trusting of your business intentions if you look like you got your stuff together.
    4.) Stocking your machines of course costs some money, and the membership to BJ's/Costco/Sam's Club will cost you $25-55 a year, keep that in mind. Also: You'll need to transport these machines, so unless you want to pay exorbitant white-glove service fees to get them installed to locations, you'll need a trailer-hitch for your car (~$190), industrial hand-truck with 4 wheels ($220-300 unless you get lucky on classified listings), and you'll pay $20 a day to rent a u-haul trailer. In my opinion it is worth it to invest in this capital as soon as you can if you expect to have more than 2 locations at any point.
    5.) Bonus tip: If you're looking for a risk-free way to determine if a particular location would be a good one for a vending machine, get some Honor Boxes (look them up) and ask places if they'd like them placed on their front counter. After a month, you'll be able to learn a lot about the location based on how the box looks. Is there a lot of money in there and the candy's almost gone after 1 month? Good location, ask the owner if they'd like a full-line vending machine there. Is the candy almost gone but there's hardly any money there? Is the box torn open?? Stay away, take your business elsewhere. Too much vandalism, neglect, or too little foot-traffic for it to be worth it. Good thing you found that out BEFORE placing your $1500 machine there!!

    I hope this longwinded advice helped you, and I hope it makes you confident that you can definitely start a business like this with little money. Good luck.

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    Would love to see a video when you go to pay in all the $1 bills from the vending machines and the laundromat into the bank…. I bet the bank tellers must really love you when you come in to deposit over 1k in $1 bills!

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    Hi I live in dublin Ohio right across the river from the zoo. I have so many friends that own businesses from gas stations to clothing stores all close family and friends. With that said I have the client's for this business and I've been looking into for awhile, Im looking for help starting up. Like I said lots of family with businesses all over columbus just don't have this side of the business. Maybe I could help you with your business..who knows. If you could let me know a good way to reach out to you.
    I really appreciate it. Thanks, Emilio Giavonni.

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    Great content. A while ago I saw whobody shaking a machine really hard to get his item. I once actually broke a machine that way (ok when I was younger and stronger). The upshot is consider what to do about potential damage, re insurance and/or alternate plans

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    I love that you got a lot of high quality videos and we post similar stuff so I think we have a potential collaboration opportunity if you want to chat. You got me as a supporter and I subscribed to you I would love to support each other Let’s get this started I got some things I wanna share with you. DM me on Instagram @theaustinlewis

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    Hey man, new here. I was referred to your channel by a local acquaintance of yours. I'm working on an online retail business, which pays our Bill's and we are planning on scaling within the next few years. I'm interested in getting into the machine gig, but one key I'm missing is where to find the machines. I can close the sales but I've gotta have the product to provide. Any advice helps my friend. I'll be watching more content.

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    Buying a device to earn money OR buying MYSELF a toy (TV, game system, etc)….I rather be smart & buy myself something that earned money. Buying gifts for family & friends….OR buying money-maker? That’s a tough call.

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    Should we look for a location that needs a vending machine first or get a vending machine and then look for a location that will accommodate it? Thanks for the informative video! I’m glad you highlighted a small town because I live in one 😊

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