How To Start A Business For UNDER $500

On the fence of starting a business but don’t know how or where to start? In this video we break down the steps that you can take to put you on the proper path of becoming a business owner. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: Irv.Official
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13 thoughts on “How To Start A Business For UNDER $500”

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    I have an important question for you. Someone on YouTube in the comments section was telling me to contact someone through a company called RF USA. So I contacted the person over Email and then he directed me to contact someone by the name of Mr. Ivan through WhatsApp. It doesn’t feel right to me, and I’m curious to know if you have heard of any scams through this company going on? This is for a grant by the way.

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    This might be long lol, but this is what I have to say on this subject. I believe we absolutely should go with what we are naturally good at. Otherwise, one day you may wake up and wish you had not worked your whole life being told what to do at a job you don’t even like. I did not spend much at all to start my arts & crafts business. I invested in a few shows, made enough inventory for them, and quit my ad agency job job. I never looked back, as hard as it was to keep up with bills. I did what I love, and as an artist, it was very difficult through tough times to get people to buy things that were novel. Then, I targeting everyone with 333 different available styles, each and every show. I felt that way, even if they did not purchase my product, they still laughed and related to it 🥜 lol. I numbered, signed, labeled and dated most of the 96k I sold, because I was so proud of myself for sticking with my dream.
    These days I have retired those product lines, and I will not be hand making my inventory, so I see it differently. The vintage toys I sell on eBay bring me much joy, because so many things I bought with my little bit of extra money, and I dug through so many piles of stuff to get the good stuff. I knew it would soon disappear, as does many good things when people are not paying attention to it. It does not cost a lot to start a business, either a product or a service. I will eventually sell wholesale collectible kits, and business~in~a~box kits, to help others do what I have done ✅. I love working from home, yet it requires great discipline, responsibility, and tenacity. Being sole proprietor has also allowed me to be free and turn it on and off when necessary. Unfortunately, you get no help either, lol. But, honestly, the key to happiness and freedom for me is to NEVER give up, no matter what ✌🏽ty

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    Irv, thank you for your wisdom. You are such a real down to earth human being. Our world would be so much better with more people like you.
    I've been told that I'm a fantastic motavarional speaker for I have a way of bringing the best out of a person. I have an impressive resume and have been blessed in meeting some top gun people, who are all retired or decessed now. People always want my advice, but how do I turn this gift into a business? Thank you for your time.

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