How To Start A Business Without Any Money? | John Lee

In this video I want to talk to you about how to start a business without any money! Yes I want to give you some tips on what you can to get started today!
1. Growing an Instagram account and collaborating with other people.
2. Build and sell with Facebook Groups.
3. Create a digital product and sell on social media.
4. Create the proper ecosystems.
5. Leveraging others audiences to create sales opportunities.

In this video today I will be talking to you about starting a business without any money, it is not impossible to start from zero! Just something as simple as creating an Instagram and using it to collaborate with others is how to get started!

If you have a product why not start selling it on Social Media? With all the proper ecosystems in place you can start leveraging other audiences into sales opportunities. – Want to learn how to start your online business and get paid for your knowledge skills and expertise so you can live life on your own terms then apply to join the Digital Entrepreneur Mentoring program here.

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  1. Good ideas! I subscribed to one of your bootcamps via Succesgids today. Hopefully you take us by the hand as beginners. Because it sounds great, but were to start?

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